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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nest Boxes: School Holidays

It was exciting to be back at the Hills Forest Discovery Centre for the second time in 3 days! This time, Gill and I were there to conduct our nest box workshop, aptly named ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’, as part of the DEC’s Nearer to Nature winter school holidays program.

We started the day with a powerpoint presentation from both Gill and I, to give some background to the day and enthuse the children about tree hollows. Then we dived straight into the building! Were lucky to have 16 children who were so well behaved and very keen to work together on their boxes. Consequently all had finished their box by mid afternoon and were excited to take it home to hang in a tree in their backyard.

With some time up our sleeve before parents arrived, it was a great opportunity to take the group on a bushwalk through the forest. On the walk we talked about the loss of habitat trees which contain natural tree hollows, and how boxes were an important way to help replace them.

Hopefully the children are proud of their new boxes and have local wildlife living in them very soon!

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