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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Waalitj Boodja

I was recently accompanied on a Waalitj / Wedge-tailed Eagle colour-banding mission by two very special people: my friend and bush photography companion Andy, and his young niece Eia, an incredibly talented artist whose enthusiasm to help the environment saw her design, produce and sell some unique 'eagle cards' to raise money towards my eagle research. Eia had heard all about my visits to eagle eyries in the Perth Hills and I had long promised to take her to one. Fortunately Andy is also a highly accomplished filmmaker, which allowed this short snapshot of the colour-banding component of my research to be produced and shared with others. Please visit Andy's website and Youtube channel to view and endorse more of his work, and you might wish to follow Eia's work on here on Instagram. I hope you enjoy!