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Monday, 2 July 2012

Hardware Gift

Mundaring Hardware continue to sponsor our School Nest Box Program, donating screws, hinges and other bits and pieces to our cause. Part of the reason Rusty, Carolyn and Peter love birds so much is because they are regularly visited by a family of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. These birds like to feed on the fruiting jarrah trees growing in the hardware shop compound.

As a ‘thankyou gift’ for their wonderful support, we made Mundaring Hardware a nest-box suitable for black cockies, with the hope that one day the resident red-tails may rear a chick inside. This is a specially designed box which is orientated vertically with an ‘open top’ entrance. According to one of the state’s leading cockatoo experts Ron Johnstone from the WA Museum, cockies prefer the open top and it stops competition from over-abundant natives like galahs and corellas.

Today we took the box around to hang it in one of the large trees at the hardware shop. Here are some photos of the installation process. Let’s hope they get some new tenants very soon!

Assessing the tree and setting up the hoisting ropes...

Up she goes... into position...
DONE! Now we need some cockatoos :-)

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