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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Hack and Counterpoint

This past week has been another busy one with regard to media interest in the East Gippsland eagle poisoning, and I've been glad to provide information in interviews on two ABC programs that have recently gone to air.

It was great speaking to Amanda Vanstone on her Radio National show Counterpoint which was played yesterday, because there was plenty of time to provide important background information about eagle biology which is relevant to the poisoning episodes. If you visit this link and fast forward to 41:30, you can hear the discussion.

I also had a chat to Tom Tilly on Triple J's Hack program last week, which felt a little daunting because it went live to air! But again there was enough time to make the key points necessary and I was very pleased that most people who called in to the show were sympathetic to eagles and saw the need to protect them. You can read this article by Jo Lauder, which also contains a link to the list of previous shows, or you can go straight to the "Driverless cars, platonic friendships and why farmers are baiting Wedge-tailed Eagles" episode.