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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Roadside Raptors

Does the tree on the right hand side of the above picture catch your attention for any particular reason? Well, it caught mine!

Yesterday I was driving along this country road in WA’s Wheatbelt region when I spotted the enormous hollow in the side of this Salmon Gum. Having stopped to take a picture of a Gwarder snake crossing the road (see below), I heard a soft screeching sound of an Australian Kestrel - the sound the young make when being fed. Just as I looked up at the hollow tree, an adult kestrel emerged from the hole and flew away. A kestrel nest!

Fortunately the hollow was quite low to the ground, so I managed to park my car below and stand on the roof-rack. The contents: a beautiful female Australian Kestrel brooding young chicks! She seemed eager not to move anywhere, so I took a couple of photos and let her be.

And the best part? My mum was with me, and she managed to get on the roof and see inside too. It was fantastic to be able to share this with her :)

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