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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Eagle in Sight e-Book: Launched!

In 2009 I started jotting down some short stories about adventures I had during my early years of studying Wedge-tailed Eagles in the West Australian bush. Together with some pictures of eagles and the habitats they live in (of which I have just a few!), they gave the perfect material from which to make a book. Since completing and printing the first draft hard-copy in 2012, I've been exploring various publication options, and I eventually decided that the most efficient way to release this work is as a PDF e-Book. This will allow readers to carry it on any device (e.g. laptop, iPad) and read it wherever they go. On my recent long flight back from Scotland I managed to give this project the last bit of energy needed to send it flying at last! So, today I'm THRILLED to announce that the book I've been working on (among one or two other things!!) for the past 7 years is FINISHED!

Below is the blurb for my Blurb-published e-Book:

"The Wedge-tailed Eagle is the largest Australian bird of prey and the fourth largest eagle in the world. Featuring 18 short stories and dozens of colour photographs, this book communicates the unique natural history of this powerful and secretive predator, though the adventures of one boy as he pursues an eagle interest while growing up in the Australian bush. It aims to give the reader an intimate insight into the life of one of Australia's most magnificent and iconic birds, and in doing so, emphasise the enormous rewards one can enjoy from taking an interest in and engaging with the natural environment."

I hope that eventually I will manage to publish a hard-copy, but for now, this e-version allows me to at least release the work. I'm selling the e-Book for $AU12.00, and the Blurb publication website charges $AU4.99 per copy, bringing the total cost to $16.99. To buy your own copy, simply click on the image below. The Blurb sales page also allows you to view a preview of the book, where you can read two of the chapters as a taster before you take on the whole thing. Happy reading!


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