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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Back from the Kimberley

I’ve just returned from the amazing Kimberley region where I spent the best part of the last month. Seeing Gouldian Finches (like the gorgeous black-headed male pictured above) was one of the highlights for me, as well as the hundreds of other unique species of wildlife I was lucky enough to encounter. 

This region really is a jewel in Australia’s rich diversity of natural history. You can’t visit without feeling a unique sense of  ancient history, evoked by a place where the world’s oldest indigenous tribe of people originated, tens of thousands of years ago. Looking over a vast landscape with boab trees, glistening flood plains and glowing red rock formations stretching to the horizon in every direction, scarcely a sign of human occupation, makes you have a soothing sense that wilderness largely free from Western humans’ economic destruction can exist. At least for the moment.

My photos from three recent experiences in the Kimberley can be viewed by clicking the links below: 2 weeks at El Questro Wilderness Park on a filming stint with Australian Geographic; a 3-day canoeing adventure on the Ord River from Lake Argyle to Kununurra; and a few days exploring the local surrounds of Kununurra and Lake Argyle itself. I hope my photos of the Kimberley’s natural environment can inspire you to visit the area. To see it for yourself. And ultimately to take ownership of this area and feel the want to preserve it as a unique wilderness.


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