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Friday, 22 June 2018

Kalamunda Eagle Extravaganza

Last night I delivered the reward to the City of Kalamunda for their pledge to last year's 'Where's Wailitj' crowdfund, in the form of a public presentation and workshop on the FULL suite of Wailitj / Wedge-tailed Eagle information in my vault! It was exciting to arrive early at the venue and build a life-size Wedge-tailed Eagle nest, then have Noongar elder Dr. Noel Nannup arrive to be in some photos and open the evening by presenting a wonderful Welcome to Country. Yvonne from the WA Birds of Prey Centre also swooped in for a quick visit with Micro, an adult male eagle who delighted the children attending with his affectionate nature and willingness to allow them to get up close and personal.

It was wonderful to be sent the following feedback letter, written to the City by some very happy participants. I am always thrilled to receive such feedback, because my talks often have so much in them and the time goes so quickly, so it's not easy to know how they have been received.

Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook pages for information on future public presentations.

"Good evening,

Please convey my utmost thanks and sincerest congratulations to all staff from the City of Kalamunda who were involved in organising and presenting the Eagle Extravaganza. My two grandsons will never forget the day they were able to have an eagle stand on their wrist then stroke its chest. Please extend our thanks to the lady who was the eagle handler.

Noel Nannup had us in the palm of his hand as he spoke of his Ancestors and  Country. Simon Cherriman was an inspiration with his passionate stories of our beautiful local eagles and their lives as well as his deep interest in our Natural Environment  and our Indigenous people. Afternoon tea was bountiful and very welcome after school on a winter's day. All in all we were inspired as well as entertained as Simon offered his incredible insight into the life cycle of our great wedge tailed eagles.

Congratulations to all involved. Many thanks to the City of Kalamunda Environmental Staff,

Sue, Jack and Max" 

A life-sized Wedge-tailed Eagle nest, made from scratch for the Eagle Extravaganza.

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