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Wednesday, 14 December 2016


It was an exhilarating feeling looking level with a beautiful juvenile Wailitj / Wedge-tailed Eagle as I attempted to capture it on its eyrie in the Perth Hills today, taking in the vast view behind it and yet again absorbing the domain of an eagle from high in the landscape. I watched in amazement as the eagle 'branched' away from me and proceeded to fly from the nest tree, then glide down and land among Sheoak trees across the gully. A few minutes later I was hand-capturing the eagle on the ground, where it was held calmly and quietly for processing. 

This bird was named 'Walyunga', after the National Park in which he entered this world. He received the fifth (and final for this year) GPS/Satellite Transmitter to be deployed on a juvenile Wedge-tailed Eagle. Click here to read more about this adventure!

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