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Friday, 4 November 2016

Korung: Another Sat-tagged Eagle

Yesterday it was a wonderful feeling to deploy the second GPS/Satellite Platform Terminal Transmitter (PTT) on a juvenile Wailitj / Wedge-tailed Eagle in the Perth Hills region. Meet Korung, a beautiful female eaglet who is about 9 weeks old. As with Wailitj, the male satellite-tagged last week, she was removed from the nest for a brief period while the PTT was fitted, and while she was ringed/banded and measured. Then she was then returned safely to the canopy, which has a great view over the surrounding Jarrah forest. I am extremely grateful to the crowdfunders who supported this research, and for them I recorded a short video of Korung back on her nest which you can watch on my Facebook page here.

We were fortunate to have had Hilary Smale from ABC local radio accompany us and produce a fantastic podcast for Peter Bell's breakfast show on ABC 720, which you can listen to here. Lorraine Horsley also wrote up a piece for ABC News online, and Sarah Brookes from the wonderful, local Echo News published this article on the significance of a fantastic, positive collaboration with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, following the death of two eaglets in a prescribed burn last year, which is now helping to reduce the impact of burning on these majestic eagles.

It will be wonderful to watch the first movements of these satellite-tagged Wedge-tails as they start to explore their home territories, then wander across larger expanses of Perth Hills forest!


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