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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mundaring Shire Open Day

Last weekend the Mundaring Shire held an open day to mark the one year anniversary of the Parkerville/Stoneville/Mt Helena Bushfires. Part of this event included a small display to show a couple of my nest boxes, with the aim to attract attention from the local community (especially people who lost homes or backyards in the fires) and seek their interest in attending a nest box building workshop that the Shire is planning to hold at the Mundaring Men's Shed later in 2015. This will involve us building boxes with locals for them to take home and install at their burnt (but swiftly recovering) properties to improve the biodiversity values. Many properties that were singed by the flames lost large, hollow-bearing trees, either directly in the fire, or afterwards when such trees were pushed over to improve safety to residents. These trees are vitally important for native wildlife (like the possums and parrots shown in the photos below) and cannot be replaced for hundreds of years. Nest boxes will help to provide habitat for local wildlife, hopefully enthuse local residents about some of the other creatures that were affected, and reinforce that they can think positively and recover from natural disasters like bushfires.

If you require more information about my nest boxes (and if you wish to order one for your backyard), please visit this page. Nest box workshops are run as part of the Re-Cyc-Oloy Project and you can find more information about this here.

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