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Friday, 17 January 2014

Out of the Ashes

The Parkerville/Stoneville bushfires have been devastating for the local community - houses lost, lives changed forever. But the positive outcome has been the amazing way everyone has come together to help out, a true example of what humanity is about. Today I helped dismantle the twisted metal and rubble that was once a family's home, to give them a 'clean slate' to start rebuilding again. The owner kindly donated me these boxes of screws and nails, burnt in his shed. Although they look like rubbish these fasteners will be used for the construction of nest boxes - keeping our Re-Cyc-Ology theme alive. No matter what happens we can all reuse material which may at first glance seem like waste. It is this mentality which helps us recover from shocking disasters like the recent fires - and, as this Zamia is now doing, start on a journey of new growth.

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