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Friday, 11 October 2013

The Kite's are Back!

You might remember this post about an exciting good news story regarding the return of an orphaned Square-tailed Kite chick to its nest - thanks to some local bushwalkers and raptor rehabilitator Marra Apgar. It even featured on the Australian Geographic blog (and later in Issue 116 of the AG Journal). The kite pair had nested in a secluded gully in the Perth Hills, and considering the marvelous photography opportunity the 'friendly' female kite gave me, I was keen to return this year to see if they returned.

Today I visited last year's nest site and found it empty, with the nest showing no signs of visitation by the birds. However, it didn't take much searching to locate another nest nearby! Fresh scats (bird pooh) below and some kite tail-feathers poking out from the side of the nest told me it was active.

The female kite was sitting on a single egg and once again, was very receptive to me and my lens, allowing these shots of this beautiful, placid raptor incubating. I hope to return to the nest soon and keep track of the kites' progress.