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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Colossal Marri

A twenty metre nest-box-installing climb into the vibrant crown of this giant, wonderful, incredible, colossal, ancient (200+ yr-old) Marri tree, which glowed in the afternoon sun and tempted me up there like a cave full of glistening jewels, was the highlight of my day. And possibly year. We only met last week but we are now best of friends. Her arms cradled me with all the gentle care in the world, and the view she offered me (I could see Mt Dale 50km away!) was immense. To think that if she could talk, this tree would whisper tales of witnessing countless Nyoongar ceremonies, then one day seeing the first party of white explorers following the Helena River into the Darling Scarp, CHANGES THE GRAIN of the human mind.
This was one of eight beautiful Eucalypt trees I had the privilege of climbing today to install nest boxes for Black Cockatoos at Helena College, made by students at the school as part of a community services project. The students were able to salvage demolition timber and plywood to apply our 're-cyc-ology' train of thought to their boxes. My enormous thanks go to Margaret Hogan and Kate Abbott for organising Gill and I to assist with the project, and the school handymen Jason and Jason for their help providing guidance to the students during construction, and helping me with installation too.

Here's a cutting from the local Hills Gazette showing one of the boxes ready to be hoisted up!

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