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Monday, 5 November 2012

Useless Wire? Rubbish!

On the way home from an environmental survey near Bindoon today, Gill and I were horrified to find this huge pile of discarded wire dumped in the bush. It might sound funny but despite seeing cockatoos, a Rainbow Bee-eater nest and many other native animals, finding this wire was the highlight of my day!

This multi strand ‘clothesline wire’ is something which, after years of trials, I have found to be the best material for hanging nest boxes. It is strong, galvanised (so doesn’t rust) and is very easy to bend into shape. We spent about an hour untangling a very small portion of the above pile and salvaged about 200m. We stopped into the local shop and found the same wire for sale at $25 for 10m. Saving money, waste and the environment is our motto, and we love it!

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