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Monday, 4 July 2011

Don't Litter!

If you ever throw rubbish into the bush, you’re STUPID!! 
And if you ever throw rubbish that is able to be recycled into the bush, you’re even more stupid!

During walks in natural areas I have collected many aluminium cans and bottles to bring home for the recycle bin, each time feeling very angry that careless environmental vandals could discard their waste in such a way.

One such can I picked up today had a funny rattle inside, so I cut it open to find this:

You’re probably wondering “WHAT IS THAT!?”

Well, it’s the head of a Tiger Snake. This poor creature would have taken hours to die a painful death after it’s head got caught in the dreaded can. Reptiles are often attracted to cans and bottles by sugary residue inside, or simply when they are searching for a place to hide. Unless they are found early, the ultimate outcome is a death sentence.

While you could easily think “it was only a snake”, and not be too concerned, remember that snakes play a vital role in our environment by controlling rats and mice, and will NOT bite you unless you stand on them or try to handle them.

Even so, snakes or not, no animal deserves to die a slow death because SOMEBODY has no respect for their environment. Amen.

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